Web3 Mobile Games

The mobile gaming opportunity for Web3 is clear: The mobile gaming industry is massive, with $100B in annual revenue and 3B players worldwide; mobile devices are widespread, functioning naturally as hardware wallets, and are already popular for identity and payments; free-to-play mobile games with token rewards are a low-barrier and mass-appeal way to introduce web3.

Web3 gaming needs an upgrade: Web3 gaming urgently needs a better way to onboard gamers who aren’t crypto natives; to bring the game industry’s billions in revenue and spending power on-chain; and to use a tokenomic model that actually gives ownership to the most dedicated players.

The Taki Games team knows how to revolutionize gaming: The Taki Games team has spent over 15 years as pioneers in the gaming industry, beginning with the founding of Kabam, one of the earliest and biggest names in free-to-play gaming.

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