💸Cashing Out $TAKI

$TAKI withdrawals are the best way to access your earnings quickly and frequently.

🛠️ Create an Ethereum wallet

In order to receive $TAKI withdrawals from Taki Games, you will need to provide a Polygon address, which can be done by creating an Ethereum wallet and using the Polygon network.

Polygon Labs, which maintains the Polygon network, has a guide to using Polygon linked in sections below:


MetaMask is a popular wallet with a browser extension and mobile app

Configure your MetaMask wallet to use the Polygon network. The Polygonscan method in the guide does not work, so you will need to use method 2 and add the network manually

Add $TAKI on Polygon with this address: 0xd872b7fFca41a67eDA85b04A9185c6b270006b58

That's it!

You're all set to receive and send $TAKI on Polygon!

💸 In-app withdrawal

So you've got an Ethereum wallet set up and configured it to use the Polygon network - great! Simply paste your wallet address when prompted during the $TAKI withdrawal process, and your funds will be on their way!

You can find your wallet address by opening the Metamask browser extension or mobile app, and pressing or clicking the wallet address in Metamask will copy it to your clipboard for easy pasting into our games' withdrawal address fields.

Transaction times: While transactions on the Polygon network usually only take a few seconds, they can sometimes be significantly slower or even fail at times of high volume.

If your earnings are taking longer than expected to arrive, check the transaction status using the block explorer link given in-app after a transfer is confirmed.

♻️ Liquidity pool swapping

Gas: You will need the Polygon network's token $MATIC to pay for transaction fees. This fee is called 'gas' and is typically a couple cents' worth per transaction, depending on network traffic. You can buy $MATIC directly through Metamask in supported countries, or through a centralized exchange that lists it. See our list of popular exchanges by country for more information.

Now that you're the proud holder of some $TAKI, you may be wondering what you can do with it. You're more than welcome to hold onto it, of course - after all, we've designed a token economy to give it robust value. But if you'd rather turn it into another currency, we've got you covered through our liquidity pools on Uniswap and Quickswap

What's a Liquidity Pool?

Uniswap and Quickswap are a Decentralized Exchange (DEX) where users can directly trade cryptocurrencies with one another. A liquidity pool is a group of tokens, held by software on the blockchain called a smart contract, that is used for trading between assets on a DEX. You can read more from Uniswap about liquidity pools at this link.

🏦 Sending to an exchange

Convert your $TAKI to $USDC or $MATIC before sending to an exchange. See Liquidity pool swapping on how to do this

If you want to convert your tokens into your local currency, there's one more step - you'll need to find an exchange that lets you convert your tokens into fiat currency such as US Dollars and withdraw.

There are a lot of different exchanges that provide this service across different countries, and the best or most popular exchanges change over time. While we encourage you to do a search for what's best right now, we've provided a short list below as a starting point. The exchange should be able to walk you through the process of setting up an account, receiving your first deposit, and withdrawing cash!







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