Deflationary Rewards

“Play-to-Earn” web3 games are infamously hyperinflationary, with unsustainable emissions triggering booms and busts. Takinomics flips the traditional “play-to-earn” model on its head, as all stakeholders benefit from more players earning more rewards.

In contrast, TAKI rewards are designed to be deflationary, thanks to Takinomics. For every TAKI emitted to players, an equal amount is bought back and burned by the project. Buybacks are funded with revenue generated by the games, bringing that revenue on-chain and fueling deflationary rewards. In this way, all TAKI rewards are accompanied by both net buy pressure and a reduction in circulating supply.

  1. Games generate revenue

  2. Revenue is used to buyback TAKI from the open market

  3. Circulating TAKI is burned to offset the reward emissions

  4. Players receive TAKI from the reserve pool based on the revenue they generate

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